Subsequent Intervention File

Subsequent Intervention File: Ensure the Safety of Your Work and Preserve Your Heritage.

The Subsequent Intervention File (SIF) is an essential element for any property owner, tenant, architect, contractor, or professional involved in construction, renovation, or maintenance work of a building. It is a comprehensive collection of information that provides detailed knowledge about the structure of a property, thereby facilitating the execution of future work safely.
What information can be found in the SIF?
The SIF comprises a variety of valuable documents to assess the structure and history of a property. It may include:
• Before/after photos: Visualize the changes and improvements made over time.
• Detailed description of the work: Obtain an overview of the interventions carried out on the property.
• Plans: Identify the location of water, gas, and electricity lines, as well as load-bearing walls and other essential elements.
• Contact details of professionals involved: Access the contact information of architects, contractors, and safety coordinators who participated in the work.
• Invoices and warranty certificates: Verify the quality of the work performed through detailed invoices and warranty certificates. Consult the specifications of materials used during the work to ensure proper utilization and maintenance.
Why is it important to have an up-to-date SIF?
The SIF is now mandatory for houses and apartments whose construction began after May 1, 2001, or those that have undergone work since that date. When selling a property, the SIF must be handed over to the new owner. Therefore, it is essential to keep the file up-to-date and complete it after each intervention.
Izimi: Your digital safe for securely preserving your documents.
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Take no risks during your work and ensure that you have an up-to-date SIF to guarantee the safety and value of your real estate heritage. For more information on the subsequent intervention file and our Izimi solution, contact us now or visit our dedicated page.