CASALINA Real Estate

CASALINA Real Estate has been active in sales/rental and property management for 20 years. A mainstay in the region with a young, dynamic and trilingual team that is able to respond to the needs of their customers in a very flexible way. You can count on a personalised and professional service with optimal support.

Redefining the role of the Estate Agent!

CASALINA Real Estate is an Estate Agent like no other... When you partner with CASALINA Real Estate, you benefit from real added value, combining a professional attitude with a dynamic marketing approach. You will also instantly be able to rely on a solid foundation that grants you access to an extensive network of associates and business partners, so that the sale of your property can go ahead smoothly and discretely.

Do not hesitate to contact us: it is completely non-binding. We can assess the best possible way to increase the value of your property. We are happy to be here for you, with our expertise and professional advice.

Experience makes the difference!

The team

  • Alain Sterckx
    Alain Sterckx Founder IPI 502 614 - Belgium
  • Sven Debeyser
    Sven Debeyser Director IPI 506 153 - Belgium
  • Ann-Sophie Verheyen
    Ann-Sophie Verheyen Real Estate Agent IPI 516 083 - Belgium
  • Stamatis Couscouras
    Stamatis Couscouras Real Estate Agent IPI 511 883 - Belgium
  • Drita Rama
    Drita Rama Real estate agent IPI 517 131 - Belgium
  • Victor Eyuka
    Victor Eyuka Real Estate Agent IPI 517 507 - Belgium