Casalina Real Estate in a few figures, this was 2023!

As we begin the year 2024, it is fitting to take a moment to look back and celebrate the achievements of the past year. The year 2023 proved to be particularly exciting for Casalina Real Estate, marked by significant successes in sales and rentals. Let's take a closer look at the highlights of this period, including achievements, the team, and operational adjustments.


Casalina Real Estate, a real estate company with two branches, one located in Evere with 20 years of experience, and the second in Wezembeek-Oppem. We are entering our second year in our new, conveniently located offices on Mechelsesteenweg in Wezembeek-Oppem. The presence of our two branches significantly expands our database, with more than 30.750 contacts, including 11.530 potential buyers or tenants.

Annual sales and rental performance

The year concludes with excellent results, surpassing our expectations with approximately 130 transactions in sales and rental. These successes reflect our dedication to our profession and the trust placed in us by over 3.200 clients.

New faces, new opportunities

Throughout the past year, we had the pleasure of welcoming new team members to the Casalina Real Estate team. We are delighted to introduce Drita, Viktor, and Jill, who are now part of our team. Drita and Jill are ready to welcome you in our office in Evere, while Viktor awaits you in the Wezembeek-Oppem office. Our team is steadily growing, and if you are motivated, do not hesitate to contact us and consider joining our team in Evere or Wezembeek-Oppem via the following link: JOBS - WANTED !

Comprehensive guidance for your real estate projects

Casalina Real Estate has had the privilege of guiding you throughout the entire process of your real estate projects, including the sale, rental, purchase, and lease of properties. Our experienced team has been fully committed to offering you high-quality services, and we look forward to continuing this collaboration throughout the new year. We assure you of ongoing support by building a strong and transparent relationship based on integrity and professionalism.

Positive feedback, our greatest reward

We want to express our gratitude for the many positive responses we received last year. Thanks to your support, the Evere office achieved a satisfaction score of 4.3/5, while the Wezembeek-Oppem office was rated 4.4/5. Your positive feedback is our motivation and greatest reward. At Casalina Real Estate, we believe that mutual trust between you and your real estate agent is essential.

Presence on social media

In an increasingly connected world, Casalina Real Estate continues to lead in technology by being present on various social platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, YouTube, and LinkedIn. We have also recently incorporated artificial intelligence. This presence strengthens our connection with you, our valuable clients, and allows us to be more accessible and stay ahead in developments within the real estate sector.

New image, new dynamics

Throughout the past year, we have reconsidered the visual aspect of Casalina Real Estate. Changes have been made to our colors, promotional materials, website, and we have intensified our advertising campaigns. We are grateful for the opportunity to continue this journey with you in 2024. Thank you for your trust, and we look forward to guiding you in all your future real estate projects.