Property management

Renting out property is becoming increasingly complex. Belgian legislation has undergone regular amendments, to the point where many owners can no longer see the wood for the trees.
CASALINA Real Estate helps property owners in this process, by continuously monitoring new requirements in legislation and regulation surrounding the property rental market.
With CASALINA Real Estate, you as an owner can count on an administrative and commercial team with fantastic people skills and full transparency.

CASALINA Real Estate has 20 years experience in the rental market, allowing you to enjoy a well-deserved rest.

CASALINA Real Estate has branches in Evere and Wezembeek-Oppem and is the ideal partner to entrust your rental property with.

The suburbs of Brussels:
  - Wezembeek
  - Kraainem
  - Sterrebeek
  - Kortenberg
  - Tervuren
  - Zaventem...

As well as the Eastern part of Brussels:
  - Evere
  - Woluwe-Saint-Lambert
  - Schaerbeek
  - Haren...

these are particularly suited to clients employed by NATO, European Institutions, Embassies, International companies, etc.

CASALINA Real Estate has been focused on this market for 20 years and can therefore already consider itself one of the “oldies” in the market place.  CASALINA Real Estate guides property owners in a professional way in renting out their property.

CASALINA Real Estate looks for potential tenants. A search for reliable candidates is substantiated by requesting various documents, including:

  • the employment contract,
  • the last three salary statements, 
  • a completed document of the family composition,
  • a copy of the identity cards...
As soon as all these documents have been submitted, the owner will be informed of the prospective tenant.

Finally, the owner makes a decision and the rental agreement can be drawn up, in accordance with the most recent legislation, and sent for approval. The final rental agreement is then signed at one of our locations together with the owner and proposed tenant.

CASALINA Real Estate follows up the entire process, including incoming inventory, bank guarantee, insurance, payment of the first month’s rent with any charges and registration of the rental contract and inventory.

CASALINA Real Estate has worked for many years to keep everyone as happy as possible and realises all too well that they would be nowhere without their property owners in the real estate market.

That’s our choice: Experience makes the difference!


1. Individual approach completely non-binding
You will receive a valuation and recommendation for the rental of your property. As an estate agent, we also take care of your inventory and request all necessary documents including plans, energy performance certificate (EPC) etc., to complete your file.

2. Description and condition of the property
We will come by for a detailed description of your rental property. For the advertisement on our website we make an extensive report of your property with professional photos, location via Google Maps and Street View. We can also promote your property, subject to approval, via “social networking” (Facebook, Instagram, etc.). We make sure your property gets noticed by as many potential candidates as possible.

3. Contract between both parties
We draw up a simple CIA agreement with our role, responsibilities and the requirements we are expected to meet.

4. Renting and follow-up
With 2 real estate offices located in Evere and Wezembeek-Oppem, together with our trilingual real estate agents, we are ideally placed to rent out your property in a positive and professional manner. We guarantee you the maximum number of visits with the best results! We show all prospective tenants around your property and keep you informed of their response! We ensure that your property is constantly in the spotlight. In addition to a poster in our much-viewed display in Evere and Wezembeek-Oppem, your property will be published on Immoweb, Vlanimmo, Logic-Immo, and other advertisements. Your property will also be noticed thanks to our striking billboard.

You can follow all the reports with regard to your property directly via your own login on our website!

5. Drafting rental agreement and inventory
After analysing the file of a potential (solvent) candidate tenant, and upon agreement between you and the candidate, we draw up a rental agreement in accordance with the most recent legislation. Organising the inventory and registering both documents are also included in our services.

We collect all necessary documents and save you the administrative hassle.