Project Management

With our flexible team, we can provide solutions "to measure" ie. in relation to the developer we can set up formulas ranging from simple to mediate comprehensive construction service, from concept to full realization of preliminary acceptance and / or exploitation.

Working with a construction whereby builder, general contractor, architect, engineer and project manager are on team from before the start is not unfamiliar to us.

As a result there is an obligation of result and all parties are "interested parties" and start working with "open accounting", the so-called "green book" which results in a much faster realization of the project, as well as a logical financial balance for all parties involved.

Our capabilities include both residential building, office building and industrial complexes to civilian applications.

The coordination of construction means that we are responsible for:

• The preparation of the construction contracts with various contractors and associated measurement states.
• The preparation of the schedule.
• Checking the progress of the work in terms of planning, including two site visits per week.
• The enforcement of deadlines.
• The necessary adjustments to the schedule when bad weather occurres.
• Assisting the Developer at the provisional completion of the different assumptions.
• Assisting the Developer for all technical questions regarding development and architect.
• The preparation of the specifications, requesting and collecting the contractual documents and tenders which we will strive to: An optimal blend of quality - price ratio. As efficiently as possible timing.

Assisting the Developer with a judicious choice of materials, processes, contractors.

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